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So Tony and I have been kicking around Bonnie Raitt's God was in the Water for a while now. It is a great song off of her Souls Alike album. It was one of the first albums we listened to together as he was making the trek from Corpus Christi to Austin. Tony played in Stupid Drama during the week and then was going home to play with his band Scarecrow People on the weekends. Man, that was such an exciting time. Everything was new and fun. Totally free form. Hard to believe that was over ten years ago but dynamic of the band has changed now. No longer drinking and partying down to be the "good time, fun, band" but to be the "professional, ass kicking, every note matters" band that we are today. We have revisited this song and this is some work I have been doing to make the lead flow. You will catch us throwing it in the sets from time to time as we really dig the groove and how powerful the message of the song is. Can not wait for you all to hear it on the 12string with the fretless bass. It is going to sound huge!!!

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