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STUPID DRAMA has been doing a couple of residencies for sometime now. One is up in North Austin on Sundays at the Anderson Mill Pub. For me it is a place where we get to work on the shows production. Daniel and I putting up the stage and then rolling out the merch with Tony and I working on vocal parts and new riffs. I admit, I take this show a little lighter, as to me, it's just a few of our closest friends and people who come to see the banter between them and myself and also hear the newer stuff that Tony and I are working on.They have been going great and best of all, the shows are free.

Then we have our residency at One 2 One. This is where the big boys come to play. Only the best get on that stage and you better have it together if you are going to play there. We have been nailing it for going five months now and we have started to buid it into a way cool musician hang as most musicians are off on Mondays. On any givin Moday you can see Julie Nolen, Kevin Flatt, Dave Scher, Lefty Lefkowitz, MC Overlord, etc. etc. etc...

Last night as our new residency partner for Stupid Mondays is the one and only blues man Chris Duarte. As I watched from the side of the stage and digging on the rhythm section someone walked up to me and said, "man, i wouldn't want to follow that up!"

I laughed and thought about it for a second and then I answered, "Music is not a contest. Plus Chris won't be around for my set anyway!" Jaja! But all jokes aside, music is subjective and I understand most can out play me. But what I do a different style of music. I play 12string acoustic driven rock. My power is my right hand and my secret weapon is Tony Valdez. These other players I have to follow have lead guitar chops and Chris Duarte is one of the best blues representatives in the world. I am very fortunate that his guitar crowd will get to stay, have a few drinks and hear some quality guitar drivin music.

So if you want to see a great music lineup that has some of the best gutarists that Austin has to offer, may i suggest Monday Nights at One 2 One Bar starting early through March.

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