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So with all the festivals coming up, I have been looking for a new direct box. Something I can roll in with, plug in and BOOM!!! Tone in a box if you will. There are a lot of boutique DIs out there as well as the ones that are the big names, Fishman, L.R. Baggs, Sansamp. Behringer even has a great sounding one for the money. But in this game of rock n roll, it's not how many flashing lights there are or the name on it, the thing that matters is tone. After shopping around and doing some internet research the best endorsement came from a cat Tony jams with named Ty Curtis. A hella song writer and an even better guitar player with tone for days.

He had been telling me about something he uses called The Red-Eye PreAmp by Fire-Eye. It gives you tone straight out of the box man. They also have a preamp with a boost button. A big fat red one, so when you step on it you know warm lovey goodness is coming out. We stomped on that sucker through the PA good and loud and what we got then was tamed, crispy highs, perfect for the Takamine preamps and a nice punchy low end, especially when my 12s are in a "D" tuning. Can not wait till it gets here. Finally be able to get in and out with my tone in hand for those gigs that two 100 watt Marshall Acoustic Amps are just a bit much to carry.

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