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One thing I can say is what Dave Prewitt does for the music community is second to none. He is out every day filming official SXSW Showcases, as well as filming almost every band that hits the Adam Brewer's Texas Rockfest stage. To say that I am proud to be a part of Dave TV is an understatement.

There is no way I could keep his pace. After just one day of traffic, finding and the expense of parking, walking a mile uphill both ways and then the actual performance, I am cashed! There is a reason why he was up for The Unsung Hero Award people. He truly is in beast mode every SX as he has included a five hour studio show this Saturday with Will Sexton, Omar Vallejo and the Vallejo brothers, Steamroller, One Good Lung, Relative Circle and The Flying Balalaika Brothers. Yes, live in the studio after being out in the element for 10 hours days, filming and then coming home and editing select videos.

One thing he captured this year is a magic moment in the history of Stupid Drama. This is the title track to the new album Falling Down with Michael Davila and Tony Valdez killing it!!! I saw the faces of all the guitar heroes as they walked up to the stage and saw my four 12string Takamines. There was a nod and a smile of acknowledgment with the question of; what kind of noise is the band going to make?

I must admit it was great to see the faces of some rockers jamming out as well as watching the street dancers getting down just outside the fence. All in all it was a great day and we can not wait to see you this next week as it is going to be epic!! So on behalf of the Stupid Drama, Deanna Olivarez, Daniel Ramirez and Dave Prewitt, we hope you enjoy the music!!!

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