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NEW UNPLUGGED ALBUM "FAITH" is out digitally everywhere, today!!!

I know we just came out with a full band recording at the first of the year but things changed rapidly for STUPID DRAMA! I really thought I was going to be touring on this solo record as our old bassist was out on the road for a couple of months, so I got with OMAR VALLEJO to help me craft a masterpiece! I wrote some new songs for the band, while recording a hauntingly beautiful version of PINK FLOYD's GOODBYE BLUE SKY. The song is free ONLY at and then all proceeds from this recording will go to SIMS, as there is no way i could be doing this without my friend SIMS and his families sacrifice.

The reason I call the band FAITH is because most of the songs have some sort of reference to spirituality in some form or fashion. A lot of these songs are being played live already by the band! Some songs were just ideas that got recorded and I am still learning how to play and sing them at the same time! LOL.

Omar and Cody killed it in the studio as they helped me achieve the big acoustic 12 string sound that STUPID DRAMA is known for. I finally got to record a song with my brother BOBBY LANDGRAF of HONKY/DOWN fame. It was a piece we had written together almost 30 years ago when all we were listening to was John McLaughlin, Paco DeLucia, Al DiMeola - Friday Night in San Francisco. Then there is a song that I wrote call Firefly that quickly turned into "the single". It reminds me of when my family were hanging as kids around an old mesquite tree with nothing but dreams of the future. I see Firefly's today and it still takes me back to that time. Then there is the acrobatic tune The Marriage of Jose' Raul y Anadelia. This song will give your right hand a workout, especially on the 12 string and Omar captured the true feeling as it is an instumental song.

All and all it is a honest recording of a few DRAMA hits and mostly new NATHAN style songs that are sure to satisfy your acoustic palate.

Best of all is you get to download a version of one of the coolest songs ever written, FOR FREE!

Please, enjoy. Share and most of all, KEEP THE FAITH!!

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