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STUPID DRAMA jams live on the Austin music television show DAVE TV.

The studio was cold and empty when they showed up and the crew was nothing short of spectacular. Lights were set. Cameras were moved into place. Band set up for this once in a lifetime performance. Then at exactly 5pm central time the countdown began. Five, four, three, two, one, ACTION!

The three member of STUPID DRAMA, Kismat D. Shrestha, Danny G. and Nathan begin to dive into DRAMA hits and new DRAMA songs like a well oiled machine.

The production of the show was second to none as all the camera shots looked to be a labor of love as Dave Prewitt commanded the control board like an airplane pilot commands his aircraft.

Enjoy the show and share this live performance as it was a labor of love from the first notes to every light positioned perfectly to enhance your viewing pleasure.

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