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Song for Izzy

We got asked to record a song for a compilation of Izzy songs. We picked "Baby's Going Back to Jail". A haunting song about real life struggle like only Izzy Cox can do.

I had talked to Danny about it as he was working on demos for his band Ocean of Stars.

I spent a day or three on the arrangement and Danny put on his engineering hat. I got behind the kit and after four hours of trying to make something work, we trashed it all and I played to Izzy in my head!! She sounds just as good there as anywhere, then we laid acoustic, vocal and one harmony. To say I was a giddy schoolboy, fidgeting in church is an understatement and we now have different hand signals that all mostly mean "shut-up" Nathan.

 Together we came up with a song that we hope will make Izzy proud. We kept true to the epic STUPID DRAMA formula of big drums, thumping bass, 12 string acoustic guitars and big giant three and four part harmonies. Something that was different came when Danny locked me out of the studio and laid down some electric guitar guitar!! .What we got was nothing short of Beatles/George Harrison epic!! So much fun making music with my friend and music partner Danny G.

Danny Keeps saying, "Not bad for a couple of guys and a microphone!'' I said, "sheeee-it, you mean THE DRAMA FACKTORY!!!

Happy SXSW People. SEE you you in the middle of it all,,,

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