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Baby's Going Back to Jail

So the fact that a month has gone since Izzy Cox passed and we are still playing her music, making videos, and missing her is a true testament to how powerful she really was. You never really know how strong a person is until  you see first hand that their art is stronger than time itself. It is still pulling us together in ways we never could have imagined. Making new family while loving her music. 

Dave Prewitt is capturing performers playing her songs on her acoustic guitar with the wish that people recorded her songs with it. Ash Pankey just did a video that hauntingly sounds like Izzy. The tone, the pain. I know there are others that will surface soon, thanks to Dave.

Also, Gabriel Lopez and Million Dollar Sound is putting together a compilation of Izzy's songs done by different performers. Jazz, punk, singer-songwriter. Some of the versions are nothing like what Izzy played but that just goes to show what a strong songwriter she was. 

I was asked if I wanted to do a song and as I scoured her many CDs one song hit me hard. The song is off her last album, Ballads of the Nearly Departed. I had asked Danny if he wanted to record this song as he was recording demos for his next solo record hear at The Drama Faktory and the answer was true Danny G, with a smerk and a hell yea! So I plotted on how we could turn this into a STUPID DRAMA, epic, progressive rock song. The song as Izzy did it was simplistic and had voice, guitar and violin but the song wrote itself inside my head. The backgrounds vocals on full tilt boogie with the rhythm guitars descending into the chorus. I think Izzy gave it to me on that drive back up from Corpus. I heard it all in my head. Full on ready to lay down. So with me playing drums, guitar, vocals and with Danny playing bass, doing background vocals, engineering the whole project, all while laying down the sweetest lead guitar, reminiscent of George Harrison's Guitar Gently Weeps. This is our contribution to the legacy that is Izzy Cox! Please enjoy as we had a great time making it. 

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