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Remembering our friend, Ms. Izzy Cox

Austin, TX: Carousel Lounge

On August 23, a birthday tribute for Ms. Izzy Cox (1974-2017) was held at her favorite venue in Austin, The Carousel Lounge. Many of her friends and favorite artists came together to celebrate the birth of a staple in our scene. Even her pastor during her time in the hospital was there.

Lisa Dixie

Bruce Curyla III

Robert Allan Caldwell

Nathan and Danny of Stupid Drama

Texicano Folk Rock Punk

The Dirty Charley Band

The Boonswagglers

So much love in that place that night. Which is exactly how Izzy lived her life. We were able to FaceTime with Izzy's mom, Connie, from Canada. Performing one of Izzy's song for a memorial album was amazing for me, and we are so honored. To listen to the song go to this link:

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