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New Drama Out Today- KaDaBa

When the stars align and you get the studio and the players all blazing well, rehearsed songs, you get Stupid Drama's 6th studio effort, KaDaBa. 

Coming from the band members names Ka- Kismat G. Shrestha, well renowned jazz/metal percussionist from the influential Nepalese band, Albatross, Da- Danny G, well traveled session player who has traveled the world with his vocal prowess and multi-instumental skills, and Ba- Nathan Olivarez- which means father figure in Nepalese as he fathered these songs and commanded the studio to get the 12 string acoustic prog rock sound that he is known for. All together with Austin's infamous 512 Studio Owner, Omar Vallejo, they sat down to get back to the acoustic sounds that make Stupid Drama famous. 

Says Nathan, "This is the first full band recording that didn"t have a monster electric guitar on it". He adds, "with Danny G truly bringing the John Paul John approach to the bass there was no reason for a second guitarist." With the addition of the backing group, The Dramatics, (Olivarez, Grochow, Vallejo) this album is a vocal delight as harmonies are not just there for sake of harmonies, but to actually be a part of the progressive movement almost what another guitar instrument would add. If this is your first experience with Stupid Drama it is a great start! But if you are a fan, you know it is perfect in the progression of growth this band has been destined for. 

KaDaBa Out Digitally NOW!

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