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Merry Christmas from NSD

It has been a busy year for STUPID DRAMA. 

Finally dropped the very anticipated KaDaBa record featuring Albatross drummer KISMAT SHRESTHA . 

DANNY and NATHAN have been playing with the best percussion players in Texas since he left on tour with his band, and we wish Kismat and the band safe travels and great shows. 

Thanks to LORIS LOWE of KLBJ-FM Radio we were able to bring new DRAMA to the world  last week. We played a few songs live and debuted or first single, GOOBYE BLUE SKY from PINK FLOYD. That song get an overwhelming response live and OMAR VALLEJO did an amazing job capturing the life the band put into the song. We also played a new original Christmas song that showcases DANNY’S mandolin.  

Midnight Carol was captured live by fifth unofficial NSD memeber DAVE PREWITT and shows us at the radio station playing live. (click song title)

Expect nothing but great things for the band this next year and from all of us here to all of you there all over the world, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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