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A Gift From NSD

This is a song that came from a time where I had to leave a recording session, cancel tours, and go home to take care of my father. I had just up and left and didn't know if or when I would be coming home. Fast forward to Christmas Eve after two months away from home. I had just got in from the hospital to my small hotel room where I had my tablet and my guitar. 

Midnight Carol is the tune that I wrote that night. It was cold and raining.  Man, did I miss home and making music with my friends.  But mostly, I missed the world I had built with my wife. We had just hung up the phone and I had no answers other than, "I do not know". The next couple of minutes were the loneliest I have ever felt, but I knew Dad needed me. My family needed me. So I picked up my guitar and this came out. 

Danny did an amazing job capturing the angst in my voice as well as wrote a killer mandoline part. We had Kevin Howell mix it as he knows my voice better than I do from working together on NSD's first two full length albums. 

Please enjoy this song as it was made with love, from love and remember, "in your loneliness, you are not alone.” There are people out there who feel exactly as you do.

                      MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

                GOD BLESS US EVERYONE.

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