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I was at my pharmacy waiting on my meds this weekend and I ran into a well-dressed man who asked what my logo on my work shirt was. I then began to tell him the story of the band name and how we have labeled it Stupid Drama.

I told him that I have been playing in this town and started running down the list of my accolades. I told him how bassist, Tony Valdez was a Latin Grammy Award winner and how Michael Davila won Best In World a couple years back. He then smirked and said, “if I was younger I sure would give him a run for his money!” It piqued my interest as our conversation had turned from the daily “how's the weather” to “have you heard that album that Jean Luc Ponty played on with Stanley Clarke, or that record where Al Di Meola played in Return to Forever, etc. etc. etc. And every time he tried to throw me a curveball, his eyes would light up with excitement as I knew who he was talking about as well as turned him on to some new music.

Then he asked if I had any of my music on me. I answered “heck yea” as I always carry a couple of CDs on me for just such occasions! As we were walking out to the car he kept saying, “you better bring it, you better bring it or I'm gonna let you know.” I opened the door as I introduced him to my wife and handed him my CD. I confidently said, “ If you like it then go to the webpage and digitally download it.” I shook his hand and we said our goodbyes as I reiterated that if he liked it I bet he was going to turn his car around and give us a honk.

I walked back in to get my meds and it wasn't even 30 seconds later that my wife came in behind me with the biggest smile on her face while waving money in her hand. I asked what all the excitement was and she triumphantly says to me and the pharmacy staff that he listened to the first half of a song and had to turn his Cadillac around and pay for the CD immediately as he could tell that the rest of the album was going to be fantastic! TADA!!!

I can honestly say that this album and this feeling that we have created is truly victorious. We are working very hard to bring you nothing but the best in acoustic rock and represent Austin Texas proper. Not coming in and use it up and leave because things get tough, but to make Austin Texas truly “The Live Music Capital of the World!”.

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