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So with DANNY G. fitting STUPID DRAMA like a V8 does in a Chevy Camaro, things are going full speed with our residencies at Anderson Mill Pub on Sundays and Stupid Monday's at One 2 One. The Pub gig is a great place to go over the set, try new songs and have a great time with the audience. We get whiskies flowing and I get to tell stupid jokes while Danny drives all the ladies crazy with his vocals and bass playing prowess. It is almost like having a bunch of friends over to drink and listen to you go over songs while visiting and chatting with the band. It kinda feels like the old blue carpeted jam room I had when I was in high school and more than one person has come up and shared the same excitement as I by saying, "Man NATHAN, DANNY brings something that has been missing from the shows and that's positively the kick ass feeling of ROCK N ROLL!! That feeling I have on stage is finally coming across as a rock n roll good time. Still cutting heads but DANNY G. is such a positive force that it has effected the music and the way it is perceived. Plus his vocals are second to none and fills up the music with voices and vocal parts! CHACHING!!

Next may I introduce the newest member to the STUPID DRAMA family, KISMAT SHRESTHA!! A player who studied music abroad and came here for SXSW16, like most of us, and never left! We have started the machine and it is humming like a Chevy and to quote KISMAT, "You got some great jams and I am ready to play!" And play them he does Ladies and Gentlemen!! KISMAT came in with charts and a brand spankin new Mapex drum set and played these songs like they deserved to be played. Aggressive, with a little stank on it but with a little soul. DANNY G. says, "I didn't even have to think about what he was playing because his kick drum is playing exactly what I hear when I play."

"This is all happening so fast that I couldn't have dreamed of a better outcome."

It all could have blown up in my face and I would be playing these songs solo, but the force of good and light made sure I was surrounded by positively some of the most talented people I know. Now there is serious talks of adding DAVE SCHER into the mix! Hot damn! STUPID DRAMA's future has never looked so bright...

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